We here at Good Night, Good Hockey would like to welcome you to our website. 

GNGH is a blog that produces heavily researched and compelling articles in the world of hockey. Articles will start being released within the next few weeks.

Together as a team of five writers, an editor, and Facebook and Twitter PR representatives, we serve one purpose.  Our goal is to provide discussions about things in hockey that are not thought of or are taken for granted. 

4 out of our 5 sections will have articles released on a biweekly basis, while 1 will be releasing articles multiple times per week.

The Carnovale Files will be the hub for research and current events in the world of hockey. Multiple articles will be released per week. It is written by Chris Carnovale.

The rest of our articles will be release on a two week rotating schedule. Week One is ‘A-Week’ while Week Two is ‘B-Week’. 

Global Puck will take a trip away from the NHL to discuss the junior, minor, and international leagues around the world. Articles will be released Tuesdays on A-weeks. It is written by Dylan Coyle.

Hockey America will lead the discussion on anything regarding hockey in the United States. Articles will be released Thursdays on A-weeks. It is written by Drew Bishop.

Beyond the Ice will talk about the people that help the players perform on the ice night after night. Articles will be Wednesdays on B-weeks. It is written by Jim McBride. 

The Recap will be the go-to place for taking a look a significant happenings in the sport worldwide. Articles will be released Fridays on B-weeks. It is written by Andrew Ostrosky.

Lauren Coalson is our editor. If anything is wrong in the articles, you know who to blame!

We also have a Twitter and Facebook! Our Twitter is run by Sean Surer and the handle is @gnghockey. Our Facebook is run by Zachary Hood and is under the handle @goodnightgoodhockey.

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Thank you and we hope you will enjoy Good Night, Good Hockey!

Jim McBride is a Contributing Writer for Good Night Good Hockey. He also loves dogs. Note: He is not this dog. The primary way of contacting Jim is at this email: jmcbride@gnghockey.com.