/Here’s to the Alternates

Here’s to the Alternates

On September 8th, 2015, the National Hockey League and Adidas announced that beginning in the 2017-18 season, Adidas would be the successor of Reebok to become the jersey partner of the NHL for the next seven years. As well as designing the jerseys for the league, Adidas also agreed to make the jerseys for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. Despite the fact that Adidas is the parent company of Reebok, hockey fans are creatures of habit and desired some sort of promise or comfort that the jerseys would not be drastically altered or butchered, ruining the sanctity of the game for the eyes of the viewer. The people needed an omen of some sort, and they got it.


These jerseys were widely regarded by hockey fans as crisp, well-designed uniforms. Comforting to the public, the World Cup jerseys allowed Adidas breathing room just making the statement that “everything is going to be okay.”

But then… tragedy strikes

The audacity of Adidas! Taking away our beloved alternate jerseys, the refreshing colors, retro looks, heck, even the ugly ones bring us some giggles. I can’t imagine the National Hockey League without that third jersey for special occasions.

On the bright side, on their way out Reebok gave us a taste of the old days with their simplistic take on the All Star Game uniforms.


Alas GNGH fans, perhaps the only thing we can do is savor the time we do have with our beloved classic uniforms. Time is quickly fleeting and lamenting all of these losses will only lessen our appreciation for what we have now. So with all this being considered, here is a few of my favorite alternate jerseys.

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What do you, the people, think? Is Adidas the anti-Christ for eliminating alternate jerseys? Are you in favor of eliminating the concept of the third uniform? What’s your favorite alternate of all time? Leave a reply in the comments, respond on our GNGH Twitter or Facebook, or even shoot me an email: dbishop@gnghockey.com


Drew Bishop is a freshman at Temple University in Philadelphia. He’s been watching hockey since the age of 3, follows the cardinal rule of Saturday’s are for the boys, and wears sunglasses everywhere no matter what. The primary way of contacting Drew is at this email: dbishop@gnghockey.com.