/Fan Chants From Around The NHL

Fan Chants From Around The NHL

Most every teams’ fans in the NHL, or at any level of hockey have a unique chant or something that all the fans in the arena do to either harass the opposing team or favor the home team. Some may not be very appropriate but for the most part, the chant will not leave your child with a new word they will be saying every 10 seconds on the way home.

Philadelphia Flyers

As a Flyers fan, I’ve been to a handful of games where I’ve witnessed and joined in on chants that mostly harass the other team. Although there are some that support the Flyers, the ones that jeer other teams are more notorious for being “Typical Philadelphia”.

“You Can’t Beat Us!”

The Flyers went on a tear of regular season wins against the Pittsburgh Penguins spanning from 2013-2016 where they won 8 games in a row. Eventually Philadelphia fans caught on to the win streak and began to chant “You Can’t Beat Us” occasionally. One of the most notorious examples was during the 3rd period of a game aired on NBC in April 2015. After a goal by Ryan White that put the Flyers up 3-1, fans began to chant “You Can’t Beat Us” that could clearly be heard through the TV. Even Doc Emrick acknowledged what the fans were saying.

“She Said No!”

During the offseason after the Chicago Blackhawks won the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals, Patrick Kane was involved in a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault. Eventually, the accuser withdrew from the case but not before the Blackhawks came to Philadelphia in October 2015. When Kane was on the ice, there were boos and a loud chant of “She Said No” that could be heard through the broadcast. This was one chant that I was not on board with because it touches a very sensitive subject.


I’ve heard that Rangers fans also chant “Asshole” at the referees after a bad call but I’m not 100% sure on that one. But for certain this chant is heard in Philadelphia. The chant happens a few times a season in Philadelphia when fans are not pleased with the referee’s decision to call or not call a penalty or at an opposing player when they do something dirty that should be called a penalty. The chant is short and sweet but gets the message across clearly.

Montréal Canadiens


I’m sure that most everybody has heard this chant either in Montreal or watching football(soccer). For what seems like the longest time, Canadiens fans would chant “Olé Olé Olé” repeatedly in a harmonic rhythm at times during the game. The chant was mostly for football games late in the match when the home team is leading. This chant will be iconic to the Canadiens for a very long time.

New Jersey Devils

“Hey! You Suck!”

Back when the Devils used “Rock And Roll Part 2” as their goal song, fans became creative after they scored by adding “You Suck!” after the part in the song where the lyric “Hey!” is said. Although not very effective in getting inside the opponent’s head, it is probably the only creative things the Devils do while playing hockey.

Winnipeg Jets

“Crosby’s Better!”

A few years ago, the Washington Capitals were in Winnipeg to play the Jets. Superstar Alex Ovechkin was obviously with them when the Jets fans decided to make it clear to him who the dominant player is when they began to yell “Crosby’s Better” during the late 3rd period with the Jets leading.

“Katy Perry!”

The Jets qualified for the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2015 where they would play the Anaheim Ducks in the first round but would ultimately be swept 4-0. In Game 3, Jets fans started the chant “Katy Perry” as a dig to Ducks forward Corey Perry. They made sure to do this multiple times to make Corey feel special.

Penn State

“Sweet Caroline”

Any Penn State (PSU) fan will know that “Sweet Caroline” is a major part in PSU sports, mainly for football. But “Sweet Caroline” is also part of the PSU hockey games as well. It may not be as loud as 110,000 people singing it during football games but it is still a Penn State tradition.

Elsewhere Around The NHL

“Ref You Suck!”

I have witnessed the “Ref You Suck” chant a few times, but mainly at Flyers games. I have seen the chant during Canucks, Blues, and Capitals games as well. When a referee calls a good goal that should not have been, makes a bad penalty call or does not make one at all on a blatant play that should have been a penalty, fans are not happy and want to make sure the referees know about it. Flyers fans do this the most from what I have seen and it’s really something special to hear through your television no matter what team the fans cheer for.

“Insert Goalie’s First/Last Name”

Every NHL team has a goalie that made an outstanding or timely save. Fans will chant the goaltender’s first or last name out of respect for him because he just made a save that will not be forgotten for a long time. Some prime examples are Rangers fans yelling “Henry Henry!” for Henrik Lundqvist or Canadiens fans chanting “Carey” for Carey Price.

“We Want The Cup!”

I’m sure most NHL fans have heard the “We Want The Cup” chant sometime in their lives. A team is in place to play in the playoffs or they make a run in the playoffs and their home fans repeat “We Want The Cup” a few times to get the message to their beloved team to bring the ultimate prize home.

“Crosby Sucks!”

Being the best player in the league comes with a lot of people hating on you. This is made clear by just two words directed at Sidney Crosby. “Crosby Sucks.” Those words have been heard all over the league chanted by opposing fans who have seen Crosby play scrappy only to have one of his teammates step in to protect him. Flyers fans are notorious for this chant as the Flyers and Penguins are one of the biggest rivalries in the league.

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