/Spine Tingling Playoff Moments Since 2010

Spine Tingling Playoff Moments Since 2010

Note: The 2009-10 season will be included. Moments are not in any particular order.

Every season there are clutch moments or unbelievable results that happen for every team. Some of which are so effective at triggering fans’ emotions, they are recognized and remembered for a long time, if not forever.

Chicago Blackhawks Win The 2010 Stanley Cup

The 2010 Blackhawks postseason started when they clinched the Central Division and ended the regular season with 112 points. In the first round quarterfinals, the Blackhawks took down the Predators in six games with two of them being shutouts. The semifinal round against the Canucks was was no different, only there were no shutouts. Then in the Western Conference Finals is where the Blackhawks really started to show their dominance by swiftly sweeping the Sharks in four games only to face the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals. The series was back and forth with the Blackhawks winning the first two games, then the Flyers winning the next two. After Game 5, where the Blackhawks won 7-4, the series went back to Philadelphia where Patrick Kane would ultimately score the overtime goal that nobody knew went in the net for a second except him. Chicago would have their first Stanley Cup victory since 1961 and it definitely would not be their last.

Philadelphia Flyers Come Back From a 3-0 Deficit

After just barely squeezing into a playoff spot in 2010, the Flyers would create one of the best playoff comebacks in the NHL. The quarterfinals against the Devils wasn’t much of a problem for the Flyers as they won 4-1 with one shutout. The real challenge of their playoff performance aside from the Stanley Cup Finals, came against the Boston Bruins. In the first three games of the semi-finals, the Flyers could would take a scoring lead until Game 3 when even then it did not last long. After suffering a broken toe in the previous round, Simon Gagne finally returned for Game 4 scoring the overtime winner to set the series 3-1. Game 5 was a combined shutout by the Flyers to keep their playoff hopes alive. Another Flyers victory in Game 6 sent the series to Boston for one of the greatest Game 7’s in the history of the NHL. In the first period, the Bruins took an early 3-0 lead in what seemed like a reminder of how the beginning of the series started. At the end of the first, James van Riemsdyk started the comeback when he scored on a goal that bounced off a Bruins defenseman’s stick.. In the early part of the second period, Scott Hartnell backhanded a rebound off of Tuukka Rask and in for a 3-2 score. Just minutes later, Daniel Briere tried a forehand wraparound which hit a defenseman’s leg but the puck found a way into the net to tie the game. With 8:50 to go in the 3rd period, the Bruins took a too many men penalty only to have a hot Simon Gagne go to work on the power play where he would snipe a blocked shot above Rask’s shoulder with 7:08 in the 3rd to give the Flyers a lead that lasted until the clock hit 0:00.

LA Kings Come Back From a 3-0 Deficit

The LA Kings finished third in the Pacific Division clinching a playoff spot to face the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Although it seemed like the Sharks may have been able to sweep the Kings in four games with the first two games being 3+ goal differentials, and Game 3 being a close overtime loss, the Kings had different ideas going into Game 4. They decided enough is enough and wanted to win by 3+ goals every game to tell the Sharks to shove it. Jonathan Quick backed his team to a 6-3 Game 4, a 3-0 shutout in Game 5, a 4-1 win in Game 6, and finally one last blow to the Sharks with a 5-1 victory to move onto the second round against the Anaheim Ducks. The Kings became only the 4th team in NHL history to come back from a 3-0 game deficit to win Game 7. Ultimately, they won the Stanley Cup after beating the New York Rangers in 5 games but before anyone knew the Kings would even be in the Finals, let alone win the Cup, there is no better feeling than making a 3-0 comeback to win the series.

NY Islanders Final Game at Nassau Coliseum

A sold out crowd of 16,170 passionate Islanders fans were able to see an Islanders win in their beloved home one last time in Game 6 of the first round during the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs. A 3-1 victory with goals from captain John Tavares, Nikolay Kulemin, and Cal Clutterbuck was probably bittersweet for most fans as they had the knowledge that it could have been the last game ever played at the old barn, as the Islanders were moving to Brooklyn starting the following season. That arena has been through so much throughout the Islanders franchise with 4 consecutive Stanley Cup wins, 6 conference championships, and a failed goalie contract. That game was the last played at the beloved Coliseum as the Islanders lost to the Capitals in the following game, eliminating them from further playoff competition. But there is a small chance of hope that the Islanders may return to a newly renovated Nassau Coliseum as the Barclays Center may not be home to them anymore in the near future.

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