/Bourque’s absence not slowing down the Bears

Bourque’s absence not slowing down the Bears

The 2018 Winter Olympics are coming to a close soon, and the Bears couldn’t be happier as, ever since the opening ceremonies, the Bears have been without one of their alternate captains and best player, Chris Bourque. With NHL players prohibited from competing in this year’s Games, Bourque had his first opportunity to represent his country on the biggest stage in the world. However, representing his country means leaving his long-time team behind… for a couple of weeks, anyway.

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Despite missing their best player, the Bears have not found themselves in too big of a struggle. In Bourque’s absence, the Bears have gone 4-2, posting 20 goals over the span of those six games; Bourque has been gone, but scoring has not been lacking. Secondary scoring from players like Travis Boyd, Riley Barber, and Wayne Simpson has been pivotal in keeping the Bears rolling.

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After this small winning stretch, the Bears are now three games under .500, but still nine points out of a playoff spot. The season continues to look dim, but the bright side to a somewhat down season has been highlighted in this stretch for the Bears. Despite losing their best player for a few weeks, the Bears have managed to turn what could have been a losing slump into a good couple of games. Secondary scoring is an important thing for any team, and the fact that the Bears have showed resilience throughout Bourque’s absence proves that they don’t give up when things go wrong. When Bourque comes back, the Bears may be able to continue their strong play, and possibly make a push for playoffs.

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