/There’s no need to worry about Lindblom

There’s no need to worry about Lindblom

Oskar Lindblom finished Thursday’s game against the Blue Jackets without a point for the twelfth game in a row. If you were to only look at his point totals, you would probably be very disappointed in his production. If you were to actually watch him play, however, you may see things differently. The stats may not be in his favor, but every game he has been with the Flyers, he is creating chances on seemingly every shift.

Lindblom is winning battles in the corner to get the puck to his teammates, as well as doing the dirty work in front of the net by screening the goalie, as well as causing havoc in the slot. It is honestly amazing that he hasn’t had a shot that has managed to find the back of the net.  He seems to always have a chance in front of the net and is about to score, but then the goalie makes an amazing save that he probably doesn’t make 90% of the time.

His passing and chemistry on the second line with Voracek and Patrick has also been more than you could ask for. In the Ottawa game on February 24th, I thought Lindblom might have finally scored his first point in the NHL with an assist on the fourth goal.



At the 3:20 minute mark of the video, Lindblom makes a great stretch pass to Voracek from the Flyers’ own end when he takes the puck and keeps his head up to see a streaking Voracek coming down the right side. Voracek manages to pass it to Manning, who shoots it and Patrick manages to tip it in. Obviously, the effort on that goal from Voracek, Manning, and Patrick was great, but Lindblom made the play happen and gave the Flyers a 4-1 lead to continue their point streak through the month of February.

It’s only a matter of time before Lindblom gets his first point. He’s doing absolutely everything that he’s supposed to do at the NHL level, and it seems as though he will break through soon. A goalie will make a mistake and let Lindblom find the back of the net for the first time since his call-up, and he will start to show everyone how good he really can be.


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Andrew is currently a computer engineering student at Penn State heading into his sophomore year. Andrew is a Toronto, Canada native turned Flyers fan and worships the game of hockey.