Off the Dashers Episode 11 – Wrestlin’ with Self Deprecation

On this episode, the boys discuss all things kinda related to hockey. It’s GNGHockey’s birthday, and Jim recounts the journey. The crew talk injuries and resting to stay healthy. They dance around the elephant in the room – the Flyers 10-game losing streak – and discuss what the Flyers need to do to correct the ship, and much more.

Off the Dashers Episode 10: Tryout Hosts and D&D

Jim McBride and Noah Eltringham are joined by special guest Matt from the r/Flyers Dungeon and Dragons group. They discuss the Coyotes’ first regulation win, the continued slashing calls, the Radko Gudas suspension, and they dip their toes into the Hockey Hall of Fame inductions. Also, they spoke about Outdoor games along with many more ramblings.

Cult of personality: the history of goalie masks in Philadelphia

The Masked Man, the Keeper of the Cage, that weird guy on your beer league team who talks to himself and the posts. Every hockey team needs a goaltender, and it seems every goaltender has a strange personality. The best way for a goaltender to express their quirky personalities is through their masks. Let’s look back at the prominent players and masks in Flyers history.