Off the Dashers Episode 11 – Wrestlin’ with Self Deprecation

On this episode, the boys discuss all things kinda related to hockey. It’s GNGHockey’s birthday, and Jim recounts the journey. The crew talk injuries and resting to stay healthy. They dance around the elephant in the room – the Flyers 10-game losing streak – and discuss what the Flyers need to do to correct the ship, and much more.

Off the Dashers Episode 10: Tryout Hosts and D&D

Jim McBride and Noah Eltringham are joined by special guest Matt from the r/Flyers Dungeon and Dragons group. They discuss the Coyotes’ first regulation win, the continued slashing calls, the Radko Gudas suspension, and they dip their toes into the Hockey Hall of Fame inductions. Also, they spoke about Outdoor games along with many more ramblings.

Off The Dashers Episode 9: Slashin’ and Dashin’

Jim McBride and Noah Eltringham are joined by GNGHockey president Dylan Coyle. They discuss the NHL’s stance on slashing penalties, the New Jersey Devils and their continued success, Vegas finally cooling off, and the Lightning striking more than twice.

Off the Dashers Episode 8: Great Starts and Hiccups

The first line is back together as Jim McBride, Noah Eltringham and JT Volpe discuss the Vegas Golden Knights’ hot start. They also look at the bizarre first two weeks in the NHL. In other discussions, they look back at the Super Mario Bros. live action movie, the struggles of calling penalties in the NHL, some Philadelphia Flyers news and how Calgary broke Jagr.

Off The Dashers Episode 7: Cursed and Short Handed

On this episode, host Jim McBride is on the penalty kill with Off the Dashers podcast call-up Nick Tricome. The boys discuss what happened before this episode (and why it was cursed), the start of the NHL regular season and everyone’s favorite player, Jaromir Jagr.

Off The Dashers Episode 6 – Memories and Preseason

On this episode, Jim McBride, Noah Eltringham, and new member JT Volpe discuss what got them into hockey and their favorite hockey game of all time.  Also, they take a look at the NHL preseason and examine the new rule changes for the upcoming season.

Off The Dashers Episode 5 – Expansions and Retired Numbers

On this episode, Jim McBride, Noah Eltringham, and special guest Matt Frankl discuss the new additions to the podcast. They take a look at NHL expansion team locations and whether it’s best to go to an established hockey market or new territory. Also, the trio looks at what it takes to get your number retired.

Off the Dashers Episode 4 – Site News and Roster Moves

On this episode, Jim McBride, Dean Snock, and Dylan Coyle discuss site news and new schedule. The expansion of and Dylan and Dean say goodbye as they are leaving the show to focus on College. Stay tuned for the new members and keep an eye on the new release schedule for Off the Dasher Podcast.