Dylan Coylescreenshot-2017-01-11-at-9-59-13-pm

President, Writer, Philadelphia Flyers and Hershey Bears Reporter

Dylan has the goal of one day becoming a professional sports broadcaster. He is responsible for the foundation of Good Night, Good Hockey, and he runs the WFC Takeover. He also writes for Broad Street Hockey. You can view his hockey demo reel here or his general broadcasting demo reel here. The primary way of contacting Dylan is at this email: dcoyle@gnghockey.com.


Jim McBridescreenshot-2017-01-11-at-9-59-07-pm

Vice President, Writer

Jim McBride is a Contributing Writer for Good Night Good Hockey. He also loves dogs. Note: He is not this dog. The primary way of contacting Jim is at this email: jmcbride@gnghockey.com.

Chris Carnovalescreenshot-2017-01-11-at-9-59-20-pm


Chris is a University student studying Sport Media at Ryerson University in Toronto. He loves to read and write, but above all he loves hockey. He follows the sport like it’s his religion and tries his best to know everything he possibly can about the great game of hockey. The primary way of contacting Chris is at this email: ccarnovale@gnghockey.com.

Drew Bishopscreenshot-2017-01-11-at-9-59-00-pm


Drew Bishop is an aspiring journalist and a senior at Huron High School. The primary way of contacting Drew is at this email: dbishop@gnghockey.com.

Andrew Ostroskyscreenshot-2017-01-11-at-9-59-26-pm

Writer, Lehigh Valley Phantoms Reporter

The only way to describe Andrew is by using his own words: “I write poorly for Good Night, Good Hockey. I don’t take anything serious in life except hockey. Bound to make the NHL after I die.” The primary way of contacting Andrew is at this email: aostrosky@gnghockey.com.

Dean Snockscreenshot-2017-02-09-at-5-12-04-pm

Writer, Hershey Bears Reporter

Dean is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan (note the Carson Wentz photoshop) and an aspiring sportswriter. He is a student at Millersville University where he is studying sports journalism. The primary way of contacting Dean is at this email: deansnock@gnghockey.com.

Andrew Robinson


Andrew Robinson is set to graduate from Temple University in 2021, with a double major in Secondary Education and English. He lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a diehard Philadelphia sports’ fan. The primary way of contacting Andrew is at this email: arobinson@gnghockey.com.

Jared GiovanAttach15746_20170308_192258

Social Media Correspondent

Jared Giovan, on the right of this picture, is a social media correspondent for Good Night, Good Hockey. He is an avid Flyers fan and has played competitive hockey for the majority of his life. The primary way of contacting Jared is at this email: jgiovan@gnghockey.com.

Evan Hartmanattach12206_20170209_122901-edited

Social Media Correspondent

Evan Hartman, on the right of this picture, is a social media correspondent for Good Night, Good Hockey. He plans to one day become an accountant, similar to Ben Affleck in The Accountant without the assassin part.You can follow the GNGHockey twitter @GNGHockey and the Facebook page @GoodNightGoodHockey. The primary way of contacting Evan is at this email: ehartman@gnghockey.com.