Issues between the pipes holding back the Flyers

Philadelphia faithful are more than tired of hearing about goaltenders. The Flyers are a team that has seemingly struggled to find a superstar netminder since the turn of the century, and despite any number of promising prospects, poor managerial decision making, and poor play have left the Flyers with a carousel in goal. As the […]

Cult of personality: the history of goalie masks in Philadelphia

The Masked Man, the Keeper of the Cage, that weird guy on your beer league team who talks to himself and the posts. Every hockey team needs a goaltender, and it seems every goaltender has a strange personality. The best way for a goaltender to express their quirky personalities is through their masks. Let’s look back at the prominent players and masks in Flyers history.

Vezina Trophy – All Time Voting Records

Every year the Vezina Trophy is awarded to the top goaltender in the NHL. This year it was taken home by Sergei Bobrovsky who beat out Braden Holtby and Carey Price. Let’s take a look at who in history has finished at the top or near it.